13/366: Windows Update is broken

I am NOT getting a Mac!

So the new router is installed, I have high data transfer speeds without having to put cables through the whole apartment and the new Eee PC is nice and snappy. Time to retire the old one to his new role as a fileserver in a corner of the living room.

I would like it to run Ubuntu, but the lack of iTunes is a deal breaker for me still. So lets start it’s new life with a fresh install of the Windows XP license it came with. Better download the latest Service Pack, SP3 before that, so that we save some time on security updates, right?

36 hours later and the machine is still updating. You read that right. Hundreds of what Microsoft is deeming to be „important security updates“. That warrants another Service Pack, wouldn’t you agree?

I had it running over night, not to lose progress, because some nitwit had the marvelous idea to put some updates in there that you need to click through, agreeing to EULAs and other stuff that should be front loaded for the user to deal with once and in bulk, but the worst offender is Internet Explorer. The vanilla Windows installation for that machine still comes with IE6, and updating means going through the motions of downloading and installing 2 obsolete versions of the worst browser nobody uses anymore, each time going through a bunch of infuriating dialogue boxes. To add insult to injury: one of the last ones lets you choose an alternative browser, no doubt the great result of the European anti-trust lawsuit.

Ninite afterwards was a small relief. That got most of the 3rd party software that I am intending to use on my little server installed painlessly.