Back to Work

Merlin Mann is one of what I have come to accept as my man crushes. His latest project is Back to Work, a podcast with Dan Benjamin, who I have come to accept* from The Talk Show, his weekly exercise in barely controlled side tracking with Daring Fireball’s John Gruber.

Back to Work is a weekly show on Dan’s network, and deals with the struggle to stay focused, to deal with friction and motivation to do your best work possible. Merlin seems to have very much moved away from the lifehack stuff that he has gotten known for. The conversations on Back to Work tend to become a little preachy, and the references to Buddhism  aren’t easy to stomach for somebody that considers himself a rationalist, but the advice given are perfectly applicable in a secular way and always presented in an entertaining and inspiring way. Out of the 3 episodes out so far I recommend #1 and #3 especially. Get Back to Work and don’t crush the bunny.

* I kid, the guy is amazing.