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3/366: Nils’s guitar

So I finished my 3rd solid body electric guitar a few weeks ago. It was a Christmas present for my brother, and it went over well.

Building this one was interesting. The body and neck came pre-finished, so there was no chance of me messing up the dye and clear coat. The body had a nice 3-tone sunburst and the neck feels nice and fast. The headplate looks alright, the binding has some imperfections, but its supposed to look like a kit guitar, isn’t it?

I wanted to get all  the mechanics in black and I really enjoy the way that worked out. The tuners lock, the bridge feels a little light, but the speed knobs look amazing. The tone knobs are push/pulls and coil-split the humbuckers. I picked some high-gainish Wilkinson humbuckers. Still rather cheap, but they sound well distorted, and the difference when the coils are split and the amp is clean is big enough to appreciate the option.

I put some black DR strings on to stick with the theme. I don’t like them too much. They sound alright, but they feel sticky and the coating doesn’t last long. After minimal use it’s already chipping away on the high e-string.

All in all I’m pretty happy with it. It’s a cop out since I didn’t paint it, but the owner likes it. Next one is gonne be one ordered by a friend, I better not fuck that one up.

Home stretch…

Outside is done, but the wiring will still cause me some headache.

The thread on the the two pots under the dials closest to the strings is too short, so they are glued in. Don’t judge me. To balance that the rods on the other two are still too long, so they stick out too far. Yeah, did I mention this one is messed up?

Almost done…?




Can I call this a mock up? Nothing is soldered yet, the pickups are only slotted in, no knobs and no switch yet. Neck is attached semi permanently and the strap hooks are on there.

The clear coat came out alright. Again, I didn’t spend too much time on it since I messed up the wood and therefore the looks pretty early, but where it turned out well you can see the potential it had.

I seem to follow the TopGear school of guitar building. Ambitious but rubbish.

Neck is done.



Well, apparently I am building another guitar that will never have the tuners replaced. God I hate those tiny screws. Sticker with the black outline looks bad on black.
The body is in the basement, still drying. Time to figure out the wiring diagrams…

Look! Shiny!



Bolted the neck on to see how it feels and did some wet sanding. Messy, but its more reflective and smoother than I thought. Especially the neck feels super fast when you run your hand up and down it.
My hands are pitch black now…

First clear coat


Not bad at all. Kinda smooth, kinda glossy. It’s holding the black pigments from the wood dye back really nicely, actually. Will need tons of layers to get anything like a mirror finish though. And sanding. Not looking forward to the sanding at all.

Well, that didn’t work

Ready to clearcoat in the case, fretboard taped off.

In the basement with my trademarked hanging mechanism. Don’t tell my landlord.

5 seconds after the second picture was taken, the part of the ceiling that I hung it on gave in and the body crashed on the ground. Left a huge fucking scar. As I said, it’s messed up, so lets soldier on….

Also: I am the kind of person that buys a mask so that I can spraypaint indoors and then I leave it upstairs. So lightheaded from the fumes right now.