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32/366 Being helpful

Red Fang is not Duran DuranSo Martin and me went to see Red Fang. More on that later. But that was the very first time that I went to the Columbiaclub instead of the Columbiahalle, and the fact that there are two venues with such similar names right next to each other cause much confusion and subsequent amusement that night…

We wanted to see the support band more than the main act, so we got there early. After having some issues with the stupid as all hell Eventim ticket printing option we got in front of the stage and actually had free spots in the first row. Awesome.

Right next to us was a middle aged couple in outfits that where clearly too nice for a Stoner Metal show, they looked too New Wave, too wealthy, moderate Goth. Martin, being the nice person that he is, decided to socialize. He put on that maniacal smile that I both love and fear so much and got the ball rolling: „Are you two huuuge Red Fang fans, too?“

He might as well have spat on the ladies shoes, judging from her expression. After taking a quick look around the venue she mumbled through clenched teeth: „I’m not sure what I am right now…“

That’s when it hit us. Duran Duran where playing the venue next door. We savored revealing that fact to them. The male half of our couple mumbled an expletive through his teeth and they left, chased by our friendly laughter.

I’m not sure that they found a spot in the first row the second time around.

25/366 Dropkick!

Just got home from seeing the Dropkick Murphys in the Columbiahalle in Berlin.

Support where the Bouncing Souls, and all you really need to know about them is that they should be called The Green Blink 41 Springs. American Pop Punk, as generic and stupid as it gets, played fairly competently though.

Dropkick where fun. I went upstairs on the balcony at the Columbiahalle for the first time, so I did not expose myself to the mosh pit, which was synonymous with the ground floor that night. Not much chances to dance up there either, and the Murphys apparently are one of the very few bands that go straight to my legs.

They played fairly long, nothing to complain there, and they even added a little acoustic section in the middle. That was fun, but they dared to play „Warriors Code“ in an acoustic version. Disappointing, if you ask me.

For the encore they got a bunch of girls and then a bunch of dudes on stage to sing and mosh. Don’t like that. I did not pay to see a bunch of awkward chubby guy move around and a bunch of averagely cute punk girls get groped by the band.

I enjoyed it. Go see them when you have the chance.

Varg, der rechte Rand und Leserbriefe

screen In der neuesten Ausgabe des RockHard äußert sich Freki von Varg zu den Anschuldigungen die sich sein Band in den letzten Wochen ausgesetzt sieht. In der selben Ausgabe wurden auch Leserbriefe zu dem Thema veröffentlicht. Nach 20 Minuten rasenden Zorns und zu hohem Blutdruck:

Das Bohei um Varg geht mir auf den Docht. Ich selbst kenne die Band nicht, doch man entkommt dem Thema ja nicht wenn man sich etwas über die Nachrichten in der Szene auf dem laufenden halten will.

Varg, der rechte Rand und Leserbriefe weiterlesen

Segen und Fluch

Never quite said what I wanted to say to you
Never quite managed the words to explain to you
Never quite knew how to make them believable
And now the time has gone

Robert Smith hat das durch und durch beschissene Glück die perfekten Worte für die Tiefpunkte des Lebens zu finden.

Ich bin heil froh das es jemanden wie ihn gibt. Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob ich tauschen will.


Es gibt einige Dinge die an diesem Video einfach unglaublich sind:
  1. Ich kann nicht glauben dass es wirklich Beatbox-Comedy gibt.
  2. Ich kann nicht glauben dass er das eine ganze Stunde lang durchhält.
  3. Ich kann nicht glauben dass ICH das eine ganze Stunde lang durchhalte!
Bonuslektion: Scheiß auf Berlin. Die UK-Technoszene war besser.