Fire and hire

So you might have heard that the train operators went on strike today. I had no idea, but of course I pick today to take a train to my parents town. At the station I was greeted by a huge crowd of desperate people and less train company personal to tend to the customers than guests at the last party that I went to. Which was a really small party. So nobody knew when the trains would go again, and some of the ones that got canceled went without any announcement. Mine for example.

There was one union member, in his vest, looking all smug, informing his colleagues that the strike would be ended at 11:30 „right on time“. Smirking all the way, because, you know, he runs the trains, and he just said „on time“. Wink wink, nudge nudge, har har. I found it remarkable that every passenger at the station apparently had the same strong self restraint as me, so nobody spat at him.

Now don’t get me wrong. I sympathise with workers unions and I am decidedly for fair salaries and workers rights. My socialist upbringing won’t allow me to think otherwise. But if you go on strike, your company should fire you and replace you with the cheapest foreign labour that they can find. That’s what you get for ruining my… ahem, other peoples day.

The replacement bus from the train company had to wait at a railroad crossing because a passenger train was coming through… Life is nothing without irony.