Guess who just f**cked up his guitar…

The dyes came in and I got really excited. So i took the neck off, taped the binding and fretboard and started staining the back of the body and the neck black.


Fairly easy, and since the water based dyes soaked into the wood pretty quickly, I put my fingers on it way too early. that are the streaks that you can see on there. Lets see how the binding looks:


Pretty nice, that should come out nicely with the clear coat. Not so fast though…

DSC00507 DSC00506

Yeah, dye went under the tape and stained the binding. Wait till you see the neck…


Not a good sign.


Holy shit. That’s bad. It might come off with sanding, but so will the dot markers…

Right. lets go for the top of the body, that gets some black to bring out the flame of the maple before the blue goes on.

DSC00508 DSC00509

Not bad. I like how the bookmatching came out.


After some sanding, and wet, to simulate the prism effect of the glossy clear coat. This will be hard work. It’s still very dark, too dark to put the blue on.

DSC00511 DSC00512

After more sanding, in daylight. You can see why they call it tiger stripe finish. Yeah, still too dark. I’ll have to look for a hand sanding machine. I can’t save this by sanding with my bare hands and some sandpaper…